Quickspin Software in Online Casinos

Online casinos replaced the land-based versions and offered better options than the former. They did not only make it possible for players to enjoy their favorite games on the go but also allows players to enjoy a variety of games.

Now, you can play your favorite games on other platforms, such as the Quickspin online casino.

Background of Quickspin

Quickspin is an online casino that was founded in 2011. It is a multinational company that operates from Stockholm, Sweden. The company has a diverse workforce that is drawn from a collection of passionate individuals from all around the world.

The overall concept behind the casino is to create many game designs that resonate with their target audience. The company is passionate about creating a seamless experience that empowers players to enjoy an array of games with ease.

On May 2016, Quickspin was acquired by Playtech, which is one of the leading online casino developers in the world. The acquisition made the company to become a subsidiary of Playtech PLC. That way, both can be able to offer a cutting edge platform for the development of games, management of casinos, and offering varieties of games.

Games on Quickspin

You have the opportunity of choosing many games that are offered by Quickspin. The collaboration with Playtech made it possible to provide an array of games, including slots and the expected table games and poker.

Slots Games

Slots are the significant games developed by Quickspin. They are over 30 at the moment, and many more would be developed in the coming years. Besides, the slots are impressive and highly engaging.

On the other hand, the Supernova slot pays 27 ways and comes with reel areas that are separated into two parts. Also, the Big Bad Wolf is another slot that engages you. You can also get other slots, including Beowulf, Blowing Down the House, Pigs Turn Wild, and the Dragon Shrine. Also, the casino developer has other slots like Sakura Fortune, Hot Sync, Phoenix Sun, and King Colossus.

Overall Experience on Quickspin

The joy of online casino players knew no bounds since the launch of this innovative online casino software provider called Quickspin.

Nothing fascinates players than having many options to play different casino games. Interestingly, the basis of Quickspin in providing slot games is commendable. That is a nice move, considering that many players want to engage in slots games of all types.

Besides, the feats recorded so far by Quickspin go to show that the number of years doesn't necessarily translate to the abundance of offers it has to make. Instead, Quickspin, with its 8-year existence in the world of iGaming, has not only been able to gain players’ trust but has also provided them with unlimited casino entertainment.

Final Words on Quickspin

Now that you have discovered the features and other things you need to know about the Quickspin casino, then you can now proceed to go to those platforms, where you can play your favorite games without hassles.


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