Habanero Systems Software in Online Casinos

The software in an online casino plays a vital role. That informs the reason behind the launch of Habanero online casino software, which helps both the players and the casino to make the best of their operations.

Background of Habanero Systems

Habanero Systems started in 2010 after it was launched by a group of investors that wanted to create a responsive online casino system that caters to the needs of both players and casino owners. Indeed, it may not rank as one of the biggest online casino software providers, but it takes advantage of that to work tirelessly to become a force to reckon with in the niche.

Two years after the maiden launch, it was acquired by a group of investors in 2012. It soon went on to sign an agreement with Asia Gaming. The deal that was signed in 2016 opened up new opportunities for Habanero, as it could then explore the application of its software in other online casinos around the world.

Aside from the robust software, it also has a built-in Point of Sale (PoS) system and supports multiple currencies and languages, including French and English.

It’s interesting to note that Habanero offers full-service solutions that empower players and online casinos to use the best innovative technologies to gain access to a variety of games. In addition to that is the provision of a back-office component that allows casino operators relevant tools for running a successful gambling platform.

Games on Habanero

Habanero Systems may be young in the industry, but it has an array of slots and games in its kitty. It currently supports up to 50 video slots, 70 casino games, and ten video poker titles. It also offers several table games to give players a variety of games to choose from.

Ideally, players should expect games, such as the Tower of Pizza, Pool Shark, and Monster Mash Cash. Other games include Little Green Monkey and Dragon’s Throne.

Habanero Systems also empowers players to try their hands on favourite without necessarily registering. The demo mode allows them to do this without efforts.


Habanero Systems now offers players many bonuses and promotions, which are geared at helping them enjoy their wagers on the platform. A Welcome Bonus is there to give you some incentives after signing up. The No Deposit bonus allows you to try your hands on favourite games without adding money to your account. Also, the Free Spin Bonus is a targeted attempt at giving players the option of playing more games for free after adding money to their account.

Concluding Thoughts

Online casino software like Habanero Systems ensures that players and online casinos enjoy unlimited entertainment at all times. Despite being young in the niche, it had been able to make giant strides.

In the future, Habanero Systems would add more features while pushing forward to offer its services to other online-based casinos.


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