Slot Machine Strategy

Slot machines present players with a pure game of chance, so in reality you won’t find any legitimate strategies to help you reduce the house edge or increase your chances of winning big. Just like keno and bingo, the law of randomization reigns supreme in slots, and every spin of the reels present a singularly unique and unconnected result.

The best strategy for playing slots is to apply reality to the game at every opportunity. This means putting an end to the many myths and misconceptions that have become attached to slot machines over the years.

For one thing, there’re no patterns to detect. Many slot players mistakenly believe that they can predict when a machine will hit simply by watching others play it first. This has led to a phenomenon known as “vulturing,” which happens when regular slot players hover around machines, watching and waiting for the pattern they need to see before playing.

In reality, every single spin is an independent occurrence, so 7s are never more likely to hit just because you haven’t seen 7s pop up in the last 30 minutes.

Another myth associated with slot machines concerns the concept of programming. Slot players tend to think all machines have been programmed to hit or miss depending on how much money they’ve taken in during a particular period.

According to this logic, machines that haven’t paid out a jackpot in a while are “due” to hit soon, while machines that recently paid out are “dry” and won’t hit again until taking in a certain amount of coins or credits. As stated above, the reality of randomization means that even one spin after paying out a jackpot, a machine still has the exact same odds of hitting another jackpot on the next spin. Conversely, a machine that hasn’t paid out in many months has the exact same odds of spinning out a loser on the next pull.

Some players contend that the slots located nearest to a casino’s entryway are set to be “loose,” while machines tucked away in corners are set as “tight” or vice versa. Casino employees have no way of knowing when any machine will hit of course, which makes this particular claim laughable. Other myths about “loose” and “tight” machines add in the time of day, or holiday season, as reasoning for slot managers to tweak the gaming floor layout. But again, nobody knows when a machine will hit, so this can’t be possible.

By disavowing yourself of these common misconceptions before playing slots, you won’t win more often, but you’ll definitely avoid wasting time and energy seeking out ways to get over on the game.

With all that said, there are a few ways to combat the steep house edges offered by slot machines – which typically run between 5 and 15 percent depending on the game and format. First, make sure to always use your Player’s Card while enjoying the slots. This won’t affect the game on a direct level, but every comp, credit, and Free Play dollar you earn via the rewards program equates to positive expectation over the long run.

Casino experts rank slots as the most lucrative game in the house when it comes to rewards, so take advantage at all times.

Keep these maxims in mind whenever you play slots: simple games with three reels and a single pay line usually offer better odds than more complicated games. Also, the bigger denomination you play the better odds you’ll generally enjoy. This means playing one coin per line on a nickel machine is preferable to playing five coins per line on a penny slot. Finally, play slowly and take your time. When faced with a steep house edge, playing extremely fast just means you’ll lose more over the long run.

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