About Craps

Nearly every Hollywood depiction of Las Vegas gambling action features a scene involving craps. The game is one of the most exciting and interactive experiences offered on a gaming floor, and it has been for centuries. You can learn more about the history of craps on our craps history page.

If you’ve ever been to a casino you probably passed by a big oval-shaped table absolutely packed with people having the time of their lives. Hoots and hollers of excitement are let loose every minute or so, and the game itself just seems to be brimming with energy.

In the movies, mama might need a new pair of shoes, and a few rolls of the dice can turn a player’s fortunes around in an instant. And while that classic image might involve a bit of creative license, the truth is craps represents one of the truly fun-filled games in any casino.

Let’s face facts: pulling a slot machine lever all day or waiting for the keno numbers to appear on a nearby screen can be enjoyable, but the games can quickly bog down and become monotonous.

Craps, on the other hand, provides a non-stop rush of action. Whether you’re the shooter tasked with rolling the dice and deciding the table’s fate, or just betting along with each roll and riding the rush, a game of craps is never boring.

You have the option to bet on every roll of the dice, and you can even place several different bets simultaneously. More information on how to play craps can be found on our how to play craps page.

Even better, craps actually offers players some of the lowest house edges and best odds of any casino game. By simply betting the “pass line,” you’ll face a house edge of only 1.41 percent, making craps a tremendous value in terms of expected return.

You’ll also encounter one of the rarest bets in all of gaming at the craps table: the “free odds” bet. This wager offers no house edge at all; paying out according to true odds whenever the number you’ve chosen is rolled before the shooter hits the point or craps out.

If you stick to the “pass line” and “free odds” bets, you’ll find yourself playing an entertaining, exciting game while also winning almost as many sessions as you lose. A more in-depth explanation of craps strategy can be found on our craps strategy page.

Craps has a reputation as a complex game that’s difficult to learn and even harder to master, but in reality this isn’t true. While you’ll find as many as 40 separate bets available on the craps table, and up to four different staff members on hand to control the action, the game is actually much simpler than it appears.

Nonetheless, new players often put off trying craps because of the game’s reputation, which is why it’s important to take the time to study the rules before getting started. Once you’ve brushed up on the basic terminology and gameplay used in craps, taking a shot at becoming a shooter and rolling the dice is actually a breeze. A complete review of craps rules is located on our craps rules page.

At one point or another, every gambler and gaming enthusiast should feel the thrill of riding a hot shooter during a long game of craps. In no other game will you find yourself high-fiving and hugging perfect strangers. Because of the breakeven nature of the basic bets, you can easily spend hours having a blast at the table without busting your bankroll. Craps is easy, fun, and offers a low house edge when played correctly, making it one of the best games on the floor.

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