Bingo Strategy

Bingo is extremely fun to play and you can even reap big rewards in the form of jackpot payouts, but unlike other games such as blackjack and poker, there are no clearly defined strategies to increase your likelihood of winning. Simply put, in bingo you can never influence or predict the action, a fact which makes strategizing to win more often extremely difficult.

Think of bingo like you would roulette: the spinning wheel ensures that a random number will be selected every time, which means players can’t effectively target their wagers. The same holds true for bingo. When you purchase a playing card the numbers on it have been randomly distributed, and the numbers that are called out are also randomly drawn. This means every playing card in a bingo hall has an identical probability of becoming a winner during a single game.

You’ll notice, however, that while every card has an equal chance to win, some players seem to call out “bingo!” much more than their competitors. That’s where the strategy for bingo comes into play, because you’re permitted to purchase as many bingo cards as you’d like to play (up to a maximum number in most halls). Logic holds that a player sitting with two cards has twice as many chances to win as their neighbor playing a single card, and as an extension of this rule, a player sitting with 10 cards has even better odds of winning.

The best strategy for winning at bingo is to maximize your chances of playing the winning card. This means purchasing as many cards as you feel comfortable with, both financially and from a game play perspective.

While it might seem easy to play 20 cards at once, you’ll soon discover that this takes an immense amount of concentration and focus when the numbers are being called. Try starting out with four cards rather than one, and when that becomes second-nature, consider adding more cards to your slate.

When you do start purchasing multiple cards per game, always inquire about discount packages offered to players who buy in bulk. Every dollar you save on card purchases basically amounts to a small win over time, so never be shy when asking about multiple card discounts.

Also, definitely look into buying a legitimate bingo dauber, or an ink stamp specially designed for bingo players. A good dauber can become an essential tool when trying to manage multiple bingo cards during a fast-paced game.

One way to think about the advantage you gain by playing several bingo cards at once is purely from a mathematical perspective. Imagine yourself sitting in a hall competing against 19 other players, making it a 20-player game in total.

If everyone in the room plays a single card, your odds of winning stand at 19:1 – or exactly 5 percent. However, by playing four cards while your opponents hold just one each, your odds jump to roughly 5.8:1 – or a winning percentage of 17 percent. Obviously, every player in the room is likely to play a different number of cards, but by purchasing as many cards as you feel comfortable with, your odds of winning are slightly better in the long run.

Conversely, you can also increase your chances of calling out “bingo!” simply by reducing the amount of opponents standing in your way. Every hall has different capacities, and certain nights are more sparsely attended than others. By seeking out games that have fewer players, any cards you put in play become that much more valuable because in the end, somebody in the room will eventually win.