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Loose Deuces Multi-Hand Video Poker

Loose Deuces Multi-Hand Video Poker

Loose Deuces Multi-Hand provides a gaming experience very similar to Deuces Wild. The main difference between the games is that the paytable has been adjusted to offer different winning values. With Loose Deuces, you will find lower payouts for small combinations, but much higher jackpots, including 4,000 coins for a royal flush and 2,500 coins for 4 deuces. The rest of the game works very much the same as deuces wild rewarding wagering and how payouts work. The lowest possible hand is 3 of a kind, meaning 2 pair and jacks or better will not grant a reward. Players can choose to play up to 100 hands with the multi-hand variation, which increases the bet, but provides up to 100 winning opportunities, which could all consist of a royal flush for a 400,000 coins payout.

Bet values are completely adjustable and offer a range of settings to ensure all players find a bet they prefer, but also take advantage of the possible winnings. To change the bet, you can use the settings on the right to select a coin value. The button below the cards include a max bet option and bet one option. Using max bet will increase your wager to 5 coins per hand, meaning a 500 bet, pressing bet one will increase the wager by 1 coin at a time. Pressing max bet or deal will result in the next game being started, which presents 5 cards on your screen that you can choose from for the next hand. The card held are applied to all hands, and the next replaces the cards that were not held for winning opportunities.

A full range of payouts is available and the jackpots mentioned above might be harder to reach, but will also be well worth it. The lowest payout is 5 coins for 3 of a kind. A straight or flush pays 10 coins, full house 15, 4 of a kind 20 coins, a straight flush 25 coins, any 4 of a kind with a wild 75 coins, and finally a royal flush with wilds will pay 125 coins.

The multi-hand variation of Loose Deuces provides a fantastic gaming opportunity that not only provides additional payouts with the wilds but also includes a more impressive range of possibilities as well.

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