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Joker Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Joker Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Joker Poker Multi-hand is the exact same game as normal Joker Poker, but here players have the ability to enjoy rewards by playing up to 100 hands simultaneously. The game features the same impressive payouts that range up to 20,000 coins for a royal flush that appears in order from left to right. The game features various options, which includes betting values and the number of coins wagered. RealTime Gaming has selected a simple theme, which consists of a blueish, purple background. The paytable is shown to the left and will change should the number of coins wagered change. The layout remains the same, no matter how many hands are played.

The game is very easy to play. Once you’ve found a number of hands, you would like to play at a time, and the game has loaded, simply to choose your bet on the right and press deal. Keep in mind that your total bet will be much higher than the single hand variation as more hands are played at a time. Pressing deal will only show 5 cards for the first hand. You can click on any cards to hold and should you press deal again, the cards that weren’t held in the first hand will be replaced, and the remaining cards together with the new cards will form the hand. Any hands resulting in a win will be shown to the left of the game screen.

The game has simple rules and can be learnt by new players within seconds. All the possible winning combinations are shown to the left in the pay table. This means any combinations not shown there will not pay. The lowest win is awarded for a pair of Kings or higher. This means only a pair of K’s or A’s will provide an award and that anything lower will not provide winnings. However, should any 2 pairs be seen, the game will payout. This could consist of two 2’s and two 3’s, which will provide a win. To reach the highest combination, players need to get a royal flush that appears in order. This means 10, J, Q, K, A needs to appear in that order from left to right, and they have to consists of the same suit, which pays 20,000 coins. Should you get that combination, but mixed up, the game will provide 4,000 coins in rewards.

Joker Poker Multi-Hand is a variation of video poker that is easy to learn, enjoyable and provides huge payouts that other variations of video poker can’t match. The benefit of this variation is that lower payouts have also been included.

Joker Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker Rated 4.2 / 5 based on 72 reviews.

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