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Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is one of the most enjoyable variations of video poker as it provides easy to use rules, various winning opportunities, and the most basic layout featured among all video poker variations. The game rules are easy to understand and appear in the pay table above the hand as well. RTG (RealTime Gaming) has ensured players have the ability to enjoy all the features the game has to offer with a colorful layout and clear results. Big buttons have been used to present the betting options along with game and account information on the right. Various wager values can be selected, which begins at a low $0.05 and can be increased up to $5.00 for higher payouts. As with most variations of video poker, players can also choose the number of coins per bet, which boosts your jackpot winning up to 4,000 coins for a royal flush.

To play the game all you need is a positive account balance. Choose a bet value and press the deal button. Keep in mind, pressing max bet will result in 5 coins per hand and an automatic deal. The first 5 cards will appear on your screen. Those that have already formed a combination or those that are valuable can be clicked on and held in place. Press the deal button again to have the cards that weren’t held replaced with others. The game will then seek out any combinations and provide winnings. Players require jacks or better for a reward, meaning a pair of 10 or lower will not offer any winnings.

As mentioned above, the rules of the game are pretty simple. To start, press the deal button, hold cards you think are valuable, and receive payouts for the combinations achieved. Additional wins are granted for a higher bet, and this is shown in the pay table. All possible combinations are shown above the cards. Payouts can range up to 4,000 coins and to win this, you will require a royal flush at a maximum bet of 5 coins, but with any coin value. The same combination will award 1,000 coins if 4 coins were wagered, 750 coins for a 3 coin bet, 500 coins for a 2 coin bet, and 250 coins for the minimum bet.

Jacks or Better is a very easy variation of video poker and the most recommended for new and experienced players. There are various bet options, and RTG has ensured all players have the ability to enjoy all the features video poker has to offer.

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