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Double Jackpot Poker Video Poker

Double Jackpot Poker Video Poker

The single hand variation of Double Jackpot Poker is the same as the multi-hand game, but instead of having up to 100 hands per round, the game only has 1 hand per round. All the same hand combinations that can return a win remain the same, meaning a jackpot win of 4,000 coins is the highest, and additional payouts are won for hands with 4 of a kind. The rest of the game is the same as with any other variation, and this includes the game rules. However, the individual payouts are different. Double Jackpot Poker is perfect for all players ranging from professionals to beginners.

To play the game, all you need to do is set your bet which is located to the left of the cards. This is where you will also choose the coin values, which start from $0.05 and increase to $5.00. Up to 5 coins can be wagered per hand and with each coin wagered, the paytable will adjust to reflect the amount that can be won. Once the bet has been selected, start the game by pressing the deal button. RealTime Gaming has included all the typical game options to ensure you have the ability to hold cards before moving on to the next level.

The game rules are easy to understand. Those of you who have played any other style of video poker will already know that only combinations shown in the table above the current hand will be available. The game requires a pair of Kings or better to pay, and additional winning opportunities come with any 4 of a kind combination. Four Aces with a face card offer the best payouts with 600 coins earned. These rewards range as low as 100 coins for 4 of a kind 2’s to 10’s and other payouts are possible with the usual hand combinations.

Double Jackpot Poker is a great game to play as an expert and new player. Real Time Gaming has managed to include easy to use game options, huge payouts, and many additional options without complicating the game in any way. There are also multi-hand variations, which do require higher bets, but use the same rules.

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