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Double Jackpot Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Double Jackpot Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Double Jackpot Poker is available in a multi-hand variation as well. This provides players with the same opportunities, but with up to 100 hands at a time. Real Time Gaming has created an easy to use and simple platform to play the game and includes various bet values and easy to access information about the game. Double Jackpot Poker provides additional awards for hands that consist of 4 of a kind and as a result offers additional paying hands than other variations of video poker. As for the game itself, it’s very similar to Jacks or Better or any other variation of video poker.

RTG includes a huge range of betting options that allow all players to enjoy the features presented by the game. There are multiple hands you can choose that range beginning with 5 hands and maxing out with 100 hands. In each game there are various wagers can be selected from starting at $0.05 through to $5.00 per coin. The paytable is shown on the left, hands in play are shown on the right and the main hand at the bottom as per usual. Changing the number of coins wagered will change the value of the amounts that each hand combination will pay, with the highest being 4,000 coins.

Just like any other variation of video poker, the game is easy to play and features straightforward game rules. Once your bet value has been adjusted, the corresponding winnings values will be shown in the pay table. Players can then press deal and let the game begin by seeing the first cards, holding those that are valuable and enjoying the awards the in the second round.

As mentioned above, there are additional payouts for combinations that consist of 4 of a kind. This includes 4 aces and a face high card for a reward of 600 coins, 4 aces with any 5th card will provide 400 coins, any 4 of a kind face cards with a 5th face card will also provide 400 coins, should 4 of a kind face cards appear the game will reward 200 coins, and finally, any combination holding 4 of a kind cards ranging from 2 to 10 will pay 100 coins.

Double Jackpot Poker Multi-Hand is a very exciting game variation that includes a range of additional payouts. Players can enjoy all the benefits of the game to offer with the amount of hands per round and also the bet values, making it perfect for all players.

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