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Double Double Jackpot Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Double Double Jackpot Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Double Double Jackpot Poker Multi-hand provides the same opportunities as the single has a variation that has also been created by Real Time Gaming. However, winnings can occur more frequently with multi-hand variations as up to 100 hands can be played at the same time. Wagering of up to 5 coins per hand is possible, and will result in higher payouts. Hitting a Royal Flush with the first cards dealt can result in you winning 400,000 coins!

Players have the ability to choose a chip value and how many coins are wagered per hand. This will automatically cause the paytable on the left to adjust and highlight the values each hand will pay. It is ideal to play the maximum coins per hand as the difference between one and five coins is substantial.   To start the game, press deal, choose the cards you would like to hold and apply to all the other hands, then press deal a second time to complete the hand in play.

Double Double Jackpot Poker Multi-hand is as easy to play as the single hand variant and includes the same payouts. Players win with regular poker hands such as jacks or better, 2 pairs, 3 of a kind, straight, flush, straight flush, full house, and royal flush. However, additional winnings occur with 4 of a kind combinations. These combinations reward higher than normal, which is the point of the game. Get 4 of a kind combinations with card values ranging from 2 to 10 and receive 250 coins per hand, 4 face cards provide winnings of 400 coins, 4 face cards with another ace as the 5th card for a payout of 800 coins, and 4 aces with any 5th card also pays a healthy 800 coins.

Double Double Jackpot Poker Multi-hand is impressive no matter how you look at it really. The opportunity to win up to 100 times per hand is attractive and can result in some remarkable wins.

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