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Double Double Bonus Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Double Double Bonus Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Double Double Bonus Poker Multi-Hand provides much to be desired, especially for those who like an increased amount of paying hand combinations. This variation of video poker is just as easy to play as any other as it includes all the same choices for the number of coins, sizes of coins that RTG provides. Players have the ability to play as many as 100 hands per hand, and may play up to 5 coins per hand. As its top pay is 4000 coins, it can, if lucky, translate into a 400,000 coin payday, and that is plenty to get excited about.

As with most versions of video poker, gameplay is smooth and requires little from you other than choosing how much you wish to wager per hand, and the number of coins to play per hand. The paytable displays the coins won for single coin bets and continued through to five coin bets. The more coins wagered, the more coins won. To begin play, you will click “deal”, which in turn will see five cards dealt, of which you are free to hold all, or only those you think will provide you a winning hand or those that may increase your odds of one. After this step is carried out, click deal again, and another set of cards will be dealt to replace those not held. Any winnings will then be applied, and a new can be played.

As mentioned above, this version has a number of additional payouts. Players require at least jacks or better or 2 pairs to receive back the amount wagered. There are various coin wins for three of a kind, four of a kind, straights, flushes, and so on. The two most important you want to see are four aces, a straight flush or a Royal Flush, as there pay the highest amounts.

Double Double Bonus Poker is easy to play and very impressive with its rewards. The option to gamble winnings is offered, but if you choose correctly, it can well worth the effort.

Double Double Bonus Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker Rated 4.3 / 5 based on 94 reviews.

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