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Bonus Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Bonus Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

Bonus Poker Multi Hand offers a great gaming experience for all players ranging from beginners to experts. This variation of video poker is available from RealTime Gaming, who has created it with standard rules and game options. However, the paytable has been adjusted to fit this version and the different possible hand combinations it offers. Players can enjoy winnings on up to 100 hands, thereby allowing for a total win of 400,000 coins if all hands consist of a natural royal flush. Furthermore, various wagering options have been included such as the ability to wager 1 to 5 coins per hand and choosing a coin size of your choice.

Playing the game is as easy as any other form of multi-hand video poker. The betting selection is offered on the left, and all game options are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Once the bet value is set, press the deal button to activate the first hand of the game. This hand also determines the hold cards for all other hands played, meaning a great set of cards could lead to massive wins for the entire hand. Rewards are automatically calculated according to the paytable, which adjusts by the number of coins per hand is changed. To reach the largest win of 4000 coins, you will need to play 5 coins per hand with any coin value.

As mentioned above, the paytable has been modified to offer additional payouts, which is where the Bonus Poker comes in. The lowest payout is just 5 coins at max bet, but only requires a combination of jacks or better. The game also includes a win of 10 coins for 2 pairs, 15 coins for 3 of a kind, 20 coins for a straight, 25 coins for a flush, 40 coins for a full house, 125 coins for any 4 of a kind ranging from 5 to King, 200 coins for 4 of a kind consisting of 2, 3, and 4. The second highest payout is 250 coins and will be rewarded for a combination consisting of 4 aces.

Bonus Poker Multi-hand is a game for players who choose to wager higher, but also have a much better chance of winning big. New players might want to start with the single hand variation as the wager is much lower but still provides the same winnings.

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