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Bonus Poker Deluxe Multi-Hand Video Poker

Bonus Poker Deluxe Multi-Hand Video Poker

Bonus Poker Deluxe multi-hand is a variation of video poker that provides very basic game rules, but with a higher payout for any 4 of a kind combinations. The remaining payouts are about the same as Jacks or Better, meaning it’s a great place for beginners, but also for high rollers as the payouts are sure to impress all players and up to 100 hands can be played at a time. The game settings are easy to use and include all the standard options needed for a rewarding game experience. Players can wager up to 5 coins, which increases the payouts in coins while also having the opportunity to choose various coin values that change the coins into your selected currency. The win the maximum win of 4,000 coins, a royal flush, the maximum bet, has to be played. The game will reward for the combination with another bet, but not anywhere near the large value, it offers at max bet.

To get the game started, you need to press the deal button. However, ensure your bet meets your requirements before pressing deal. The options are shown below the hand where 1 to 5 coins can be selected, and the currency value options appear to the right. Once the deal button has been pressed, the cards will turn over and be displayed. It’s possible for a winning combination to appear in this hand, in which case you need to hold all cards and then click deal once again. If a winning hand has not been dealt, you can select those you prefer to keep, and deal replacement cards.

The payouts are straightforward and will be displayed above the game at all times. Changing the number of coins per hand will alter the amount paid for each combination with maximum bet results multiplied by five as five coins are played. It is ideal to wager a higher number of coins as the difference in payouts is substantial between one coin wagers and five coin hands.

Players will find the multi-hand variation of Bonus Poker Deluxe very easy to play and highly rewarding. RTG has ensured the ability to take advantage of all this game has to offer and the easy play that follows.

Bonus Poker Deluxe Multi-Hand Video Poker Rated 4.7 / 5 based on 86 reviews.

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