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Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker

Bonus Deuces Wild Video Poker

Bonus Deuces Wild works a lot like any other video poker variant, but with this version, you have the opportunity to activate more hand combinations and receive an increased number of winning hands. The paytable has been modified in many ways, but this does not affect the choices relating to wagering and how hands are paid. The opportunity to wager up to 5 coins is offered as is the selection of coin values, which are adjustable in the bottom right-hand corner. RealTime Gaming has ensured all players are able to enjoy the game with betting values that suit low, mid-range players and high rollers. All number 2 cards are wild and can appear up to 4 times per hand to represent other cards to assist with hand combinations.

Bonus Deuces Wild is played in the exact same way as any other variation of video poker. Once your wager has been chosen, each hand will begin by pressing the deal bottom that is shown below the hand currently played. Five new cards will be shown of which you can choose to hold or opt for them to be re-dealt a second time. Once those cards have been selected, simply press deal again to have non-held cards replaced, if a winning hand combination is dealt, wins will be paid based on the paytable and coins wagered.

Players will have the opportunity to trigger various payouts with each hand especially when the wild cards appear. As mentioned, higher payouts can be expected for the highest paying hands, including 4,000 coins for a natural royal flush. Other winnings can be achieved with 4 deuces and an ace for 2,000 coins, 4 deuces for 1,000 coins, a royal flush with a wild deuce pays 125 coins, 4 aces, and a deuce rewards 400 coins, 4 of a kind hands with cards numbered 3, 4 or 5 with a deuce card will pay 200 coins, and 4 of a kind and deuce of any other card value pays 100 coins. The game also comes with other payouts but requires at least 3 of a kind to offer a reward.

Bonus Deuces Wild provides a gaming opportunity of its own. The game has many advantages, even when the wilds cards do not appear. Winning hands are easy to achieve and with the added wild deuce, you can expect plenty of action.

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