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Bonus Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Video Poker

Bonus Deuces Wild Multi-Hand Video Poker

Bonus Deuces Wild Multi-hand offers a video poker experience just as you would expect with the single hand variation. RealTime Gaming has included the option to play up to 100 hands per game, and this provides enormous opportunities with the modified paytable and wild deuces as they can represent all other cards to complete wins, with the exception of the Royal Flush. More winning hand combinations have also been included to allow players improved chances of winning. RTG has made it easy to take advantage of all that comes when a wild deuce appears.

The multi-hand variation of Bonus Deuces Wild works the same as most multi-hand video poker from RTG. The developer maintains standard rules regarding the game and how the payouts are paid. The only thing you need to do is select a value you wish to wager and the number of coins per hand before pressing the deal button and receiving your first 5 cards. Then choose the cards that you wish to keep, which is automatically applied to all hands. Then click the deal button to deal the replacement cards. Wins will then will be calculated.

The game comes with various high paying combinations you might not find in other forms of video poker. To activate a hand that pays, at least 3 of a kind is needed. The usual combinations are also there and include a royal flush for 4,000 coins, straight flush for 45 coins, 4 of a kind for 20 coins, and more. However, the odd payouts are the most interesting and include 4 deuces and an ace for 2,000 coins, 4 deuces for 1,000 coins, a wild royal flush pays 125 coins and any 5 of a kind 6 to King will add another 100 coins per hand.

Players will find the multi-hand variation will offer all the winnings you want from video poker, but also a lot more. Getting a huge win with the featured combinations is easy with the wild cards that appear regularly.

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