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All American Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

All American Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker

All American Poker is only of the most popular form of video poker available. The game represents a standard variation that has been created by RealTime Gaming. This multi-hand game can provide winnings with up to 100 hands and various bet options. Players get to enjoy huge winnings with a 1 to 5 coin bet limit, which includes payouts or keeps the total bet low. Each hand has the ability to reward up to 4,000 coins, meaning an overall win up to 40,000 coins can be achieved if a royal flush appears in the first hand.

Various chip values can be selected, which changes the values after being multiplied by the wager. The game rules are completely standard, and no wild cards have been included. Rewards begin at 5 coins for and hand holding a pair of jacks or better or a two pair. Each round starts by pressing the deal button this displays 5 cards. Players can then select the cards they would like to hold and once again deal a second set of replacement cards and winnings will be paid according to the paytable.

As mentioned above, the game rules are completely standard. Players can, however, achieve a full range of winning opportunities with each hand due to the higher rewards as this is an original version of video poker without the use of wild cards.

A combination consisting of jacks or better or two pair rewards 5 coins, 3 of a kind pays 15 coins, a straight, flush, and full house reward 40 coins, a hand with 4 of a kind grants a win of 175, a straight flush adds 1,000 coins to your winnings, and finally, a royal flush awards 4,000 coins. These winning are based on a maximum bet wager and will be decreased with lower per coin bets.  

All American Poker Multi-hand has been one of the most popular forms of video poker since the very beginning. The easy rules, straightforward rewards, and various bet values have made the game popular and enjoyable with each round.

All American Poker Multi-Hand Video Poker Rated 4.7 / 5 based on 56 reviews.

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