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If you are looking to immerse yourself into the online gaming world, you are probably thinking, “ I will sign up in all the sites with the highest bonuses, get the cash, and keep moving. After all, it’s free money, right?”

Well, in the casino industry, not all that glitters is gold. There are twists and bends involved before you can cash out. Besides, casinos are in business to make a profit and not to dish out money.

So, are online casino bonuses free money or a scam? By the end of this article, you will discover the matrix behind casino bonuses. But first, let’s look at the different types of bonuses that you expect to find in online casinos.

Types of casino bonuses

Have you ever claimed a casino bonus? If yes, which type of bonus was it? You will receive a welcome bonus when you sign up at a casino, and this makes it the most common type of casino bonus. There are also other types of casino bonuses. These bonuses include the referral bonus, loyalty bonus, the deposit, or no deposit bonuses, and we will cover them below.

The Welcome Bonus

You are signing up at an online gaming platform. You have opted in for the welcome bonus. Now that you have received it, what next? It is here that you will want to start meeting the bonus’ conditions.

You will only receive the welcome bonus if you are a new player at an online casino, but as you will learn, there are bonuses available for existing casino players.

Loyalty bonus

The online gambling scene is very competitive, and this is the reason why most platforms will reward you for continuously playing on their sites. The loyalty bonus is a casino's way of appreciating you for your business, and it has its terms. For instance, you can use the loyalty bonus you receive on certain games. Also, your loyalty bonus will expire if you don’t use it within a set period.

Deposit Bonus

From its name, you can tell that you will need to deposit funds to your account to receive the deposit bonus. The bonus can be in the form of free spins or cash rewards. You can also receive it as a combination of both free spins and cash rewards. Opting in for the deposit bonus is an excellent idea if you want to have more funds that you can use to wager on your favorite games.

No Deposit Bonus

Unlike the deposit bonus, you don’t have to fund your account to receive the no deposit bonus. Some casinos will give you a bonus for signing up. These bonuses have requirements that you have to meet before you attempt to withdraw your winnings. You may not know it, but the no deposit bonus is the most sought after bonus by online casino players. The reason for this is that the bonus will allow you to play certain games without spending your funds,

Referral Bonus

You will receive a referral bonus when your friend or any other person registers at an online casino with your referral code. As earlier mentioned, the online gambling space is highly competitive, and this explains why these platforms reward you for directing clients their way.

Wagering requirements - The Strings Attached.

Wagering requirements, playthrough requirements, and a bonus’ terms & conditions all mean the same thing. These are the conditions you have to meet for you to claim a casino’s bonus offering, and without them, the idea of casino bonuses being free money wouldn’t be farfetched.

Wagering requirements instruct you on the number of times you need to roll over the bonus amount, after which you can claim the winnings you got while using it.

Often, casinos will ensure that these terms are steep to avoid losing money. Meaning most people will blow off the amount they deposited plus the bonus without winning. Call it house-edge.

So, Are Online Casino Bonuses Free Money?

No, they are not free money. Bonuses increase your chances of winning by fattening your bankroll. They come with strings attached, and you have to play your way into accessing them.

With this in mind, you should always read the terms and conditions before you begin your journey towards claiming it. You should also understand that a big bonus is not necessarily a good bonus. The devil is in the details.


Online casinos are not what they used to be, and this is mainly due to technological advancements. Similarly, you should expect to see a transformation of these casinos in the foreseeable future. Some of the technologies that will shape the future of online casinos are already becoming mainstream, and we will discuss them later in this post.

Changes in the online casino industry might lead to the development of better gaming platforms. When this happens, the overall security and the gaming experience in online casinos will improve. A better and secure online gaming environment means that you will have more fun and fewer hassles at your favorite gaming sites.

Read on to discover what the future might hold for the online gambling scene.

Augmented Reality

(AR) augmented reality lets you immerse yourself and interact with digital environments in a manner similar to how you would in real life. Online casinos are embracing this technology and you should be on the lookout for these sites if you want to enjoy games like baccarat or poker with a fresh twist.

The reception of AR by online casino players is positive. One reason for this is the fact that the technology allows you to enjoy a feel of world-class Vegas type casinos from the comfort of your homes. And you can do this via smart devices or computers.

Integration of Blockchain Technology

One of the biggest vices in the online casino scene is the scamming of unsuspecting players. Blockchain technology can be used to create a secure transaction/payment system, and this will protect you from the exploits of scammers.

Using blockchain technology also eliminates third parties during transactions. Consequently, you could pay lower transaction charges when playing on sites that have integrated this technology into their payment systems.

There are gambling sites that already accept popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can fund your account with digital currencies while gaming on these casinos, and we predict that these establishments will be more popular in the future.

The development of a Unified gaming platform

You might have noticed that most online casinos have a sportsbook and a separate casino. The sportsbook gives you a chance to wager on real-life sports events like football or basketball. On the other hand, you can wager on games such as progressive jackpots, slots, spins and table games at the casino. 

An emerging trend in the online gambling scene is the merging of the sportsbook and the casino. You can enjoy both sportsbook and casino games from these “unified” gambling ecosystems, and they could be the future of most if not all online gambling sites.

Legislation Changes

Did you know that an online casino has to comply with your resident country’s regulations on gambling or gaming? Besides outlawing the activities of online casinos, a country’s legislation might also impose taxes on gambling.

There is a somewhat global acceptance to online gambling, and as a result, you might see a relaxation of laws that affect these platforms. All things considered, legislation changes in your jurisdiction can determine the future of online casinos.

Virtual Realty Becoming a Commonplace

You might be used to onscreen play while gaming at your preferred online casino, but this might change as more gambling sites are embracing VR technology. In contrast to onscreen play, VR gaming allows you to immerse yourself in your favorite titles thereby delivering a more satisfying gaming experience. Forget about live casino gaming; this is next level kind of immersion

Are you ready to embrace the future of online casinos?


You like a movie’s trailer. That’s fine. But, does this mean that you will enjoy watching the movie? No, it doesn’t. The same is true for online casinos. You might like what is on offer on these sites, only to get disappointed after investing your time or money.

Online gambling sites are meant to entertain, and that is the reality. While you can earn real money rewards on these establishments, you will be better off trying to make money elsewhere.

Did you know that casinos profit by keeping you playing on their platforms? And this is not surprising given that gamblers eventually lose more than they win. As this sinks in, you should know that there is a report that reveals that the gambling industry relies on problem gamblers for its profit targets.

Safety and Security

You expect to be able to withdraw your winnings or have access to your funds after making a deposit at an online gambling establishment. Besides this, you expect to trust these sites with your personal and banking credentials.

So, can you trust online casinos with your data and funds? Yes, you can, but only the legit ones. Gambling authorities regulate their services and they meet the set security standards.

On the other hand, you should know that rogue gambling sites exist and you might fall for their exploits because they present themselves like the real deal. These sites will disappear with your, and they may also sell or share your data with third parties without your permission.

To be on the safe side, only look for licensed and regulated sites.

Non-Stop Winning

You will encounter occasional winning streaks as you play on online casinos, but this won’t be the case always. We are not saying that your chances of winning are slim at these gambling establishments. But you should manage your winning expectations because you cannot win all the time.

These platforms use RNG technology (random number generator) to determine game results, and this means that having multiple straight wins is nearly impossible. You should also remember to check the Return to Player (RTP) percentage before playing any casino game because some titles pay out more frequently than others.

Like the pro gamblers, you can improve your chances of winning while playing at online gambling sites through developing and sticking to playing strategies. But always keep in mind that the house always wins.

Gambling in Online Casinos Comes with More than Just Money and Fun

Expecting to always have fun and be entertained while gaming on web-based casinos? While this is possible, you may want to limit your participation.

Have you ever thought of the consequences of over immersing yourself in your favorite online casino games? You may not know this, but a study by Lund University, Sweden reveals that you are 15 times more likely to commit suicide if you are a problem gambler. Besides addiction, gambling could also be the source of your financial misfortunes. So manage your expectations and play responsibly.

Freebies Harvest

The bonuses are attractive. You are probably thinking of signing up in as many online casinos as possible to scoop the freebies. Well, bonuses can improve your chances of winning. But are they really free money?

While it’s natural to be attracted to shiny and glittery things, always think twice when it comes to bonuses. They all have strings attached (aka wagering requirements).

Do it for Fun, Not Money…

Gaming in online casinos is fun but you need to manage your expectations while on these sites if you want to make the best out of them. In the gambling world, it pays to play responsibly and remember to stop when the fun ends. Some people have been lucky to win big and become instant millionaires, but these chances are far in between.

So take charge!

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